Kennedys launches virtual work-experience program

Insurance law firm Kennedys has launched a virtual work-experience program to help prospective lawyers get a taste of the profession.

The new virtual program “allows anyone anywhere to experience life at one of the world’s leading law firms,” Kennedys said.

Some 2,180 students have already signed up for the program. Only 12 slots are usually available for Kennedys’ in-person work experience. The virtual program offers real work experience, with participants completing a variety of tasks to gain legal analytical skills, develop legal knowledge of the insurance industry, and learn legal communication, research and drafting skills.

“In this new world we are now working in, this program is a fantastic way to open up access to everyone and move on from the traditional onsite work experience,” said Caroline Wilson, HR director at Kennedys. “Students often feel under pressure to buy traditional office clothes which they might not be able to afford or perhaps have to travel long distances to come into the office, which can be overwhelming. Instead, students from any school, college or university can undertake real-life tasks that our junior lawyers complete.”

In the program, students will watch videos from four current trainees and apprentices who will ask for their help completing a task. The platform also allows students to interact with virtual clients and colleagues.

Students will be asked to prepare a witness statement (liability), prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a client pitch (insurance), leave a voicemail for a client (healthcare), and do a legal research exercise on force majeure (commercial). After they complete each task, students will be able to access a model answer to compare theirs against. They will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Enrollment is open to all students and graduates from a law or non-law background. No legal experience is required.